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14. fsda   (15/07/09 6:02 AM)

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13. barbwiresudios   (08/03/09 9:02 AM) E-mail
dude you sould sub to me on youtube. and thanks for helping me make a website like this one

youtube: barbwirestudios


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12. Torek   (27/01/09 8:44 AM) E-mail
dude.. why u made a tutorial how to make a website and u asnwer our question ?? angry

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11. Torek   (24/01/09 2:08 AM) E-mail
hey man... can u tell me how u make another content box on main page ?

(im trying to make a site for my friend and i dont know how to make a new content box on main page cry
please get back to me smile

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10. Cole Snydle   (19/01/09 8:59 AM)
Dude, this site really has no point. but ucoz is great. i have coded about 7 sites out of html. i started when i was 8. now i have a fully functional site (has no point also) coded out of MySql, PHP HTML, and javascript. but so far. ucoz is the best. ummmm. oh yah. come visit me at
wayyy useful. learn to code PHP, HTML, and also how to hack sites. come hit me up smile smile smile

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9. Yomama   (29/12/08 8:57 PM)
Yomama is checking in on you! wacko

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8. i will kill you   (16/11/08 11:15 PM)
shut up all i want download sony wegas i cant i cant registeeeeeeeer angry cool wacko

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7. brandon   (18/10/08 6:07 PM) E-mail
dude ure like a 5 year old

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6. brandon   (18/10/08 6:05 PM) E-mail

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5. urmum   (21/09/08 3:32 AM)
angry nerd

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4. Paige   (24/08/08 11:33 PM)
Hey, Yep thats all! Haha :P Like your website. happy biggrin

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3. julien   (21/08/08 4:07 PM) E-mail
man can you get people to look at my website please

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2. Mustafa Sediqi   (02/08/08 1:52 PM)
cool site, did you pay to make it your own domain?

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1. Jerry Gonzalez [VvCompHelpvV]   (07/07/08 0:44 AM)
I am First to Sign! Cool.


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